June Gideon Column

GENUINE SALVATION (05/21/21    May 21 2021 | Personal Witness | United States  I recently had an error occur with our Gideon camp bank account, which led me to call the bank's customer service department for assistance. I reached a friendly employee named Penny. After accessing our banking account number, she said, "The Gideons International. How is The Gideons doing these days?" I responded, "We are placing and distributing many Scriptures, and, ultimately, lives are being changed because of the Gospel." I then asked her, "Do you have a connection to The Gideons?" She shared how she was raised by devout Christian parents. After attending salvation classes at her church, she made a public profession of faith and was baptized. However, she never felt or believed that the experience was genuine. Several months later, while on vacation, her family stayed in a hotel, and she discovered a copy of God's Word from The Gideons on the bedside table. She took the Scripture, spent time reading it, and came upon the back pages that explained God's plan of salvation. She felt led to truly ask for forgiveness of her sins and receive Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior. She has been serving Christ after all these years since making that decision. We praise God for how His Word impacted Penny's life and her spiritual journey. Submitted by Ron Summerhill (Rogers South - Lowell, Arkansas)

Blessings & Peace,
Roger S. Cox
North Carolina Association
The Gideons International